My Waring DF175 Deep Fryer Review

With a 30 minute digital timer and a 1800 watt rated electric immersion style heater, the Waring DF175 deep fryer provides a quick and efficient way to fry large servings. It utilizes a large removable oil frying container that is coated on the inside with enamel. Moreover, the black control panel over its otherwise stainless steel brushed exterior features a small digital timer with a push button and a manual thermostat dial. A green and red light help alert users when it is powered on and when Read more [...]

Are There Any Benefits To Using An Inversion Table?

Over the past five years, a certain industry has boomed with claims that realistically, aren't true. If you have heard of an inversion table, then chances are, you've heard of the wild claims that come with them too. Unfortunately, as of yet, there is no substantial evidence to show that inversion tables are actually effective in combating back related issues. Manufacturers such as Teeter claim thatĀ inversion tables are extremely effective in minimising back pain, and aligning the spinal columns Read more [...]